Chuntian Academy Protective Services - Central Japan

Chuntian Academy Protective Services. (CAPS)
TEL. 054-266-9430 (In Japan)

CAI Director Matthew Plewes can provide reliable American-trained high-level personal protection skills in central Japan. (Generally Shizuoka)
He has understanding of Japanese locations, customs, language, laws and procedures.
Matthew was trained and certified as a Private Investigator in Virginia, USA. (1994-95)
Matthew has nearly 40 years of self protection and advanced martial arts training. (1976~today)
He has trained Police, Military and Police Training Officers.

Matthew Plewes is also a Gold Licensed driver in Japan and has experience driving emergency rapid response cars and ambulances in over 1000 cases in America certified as a Emergency Vehicle Operator.

CAI - Japan and Singapore locations offers training for qualified and interested students in Personal and Asset Protection. (Security - Bodyguard enhancement)

Although CAI trains high level Security and Law Enforcement Seize and Control Skills, students outside of Japan may be required to take their country or state Security "Guard Card" basic course, and for Police, their local Police Academy for compulsory prerequisites and training, to be in compliance with their national and regional laws and procedures.

Our Services:
- Consultancy / Training
- VIP Executive / Personal Protection*
- Residential Protection
- Executive Drivers (Shizuoka area only)
- Personal Security / Bodyguard*
- Asset Protection / General Security
- Event Security / Limited
- Technical Surveillance / Investigations

*VIP Executive / personal protection is different from Personal Security / Bodyguard.
Personal Security / Bodyguard, only escorts you wherever you decide to go. (Lower risk areas).
However, VIP Executive / personnel protection security has advance preparations and planning, contact with local authorities as needed, the use of highly trained professionals, prior route and location scouting and planning, and emergency contingency plans. (VIP)